“We are evolving and transforming the way business access management consultancy services.

Our story.

KCE Gobal Consulting was established in 2016 after our founder realised there was a significant gap in the market for management consultancy services. In August 2018, The Sydney Morning Herald reported that 250,242 entities were de-registered from the Australian Securities and Investment Commission in the previous financial year, 86.9% of which were small businesses having fewer than 20 employees. The question our founder asked is why?

After significant research, the rate of failure was found to be directly related to the ability of business owners to access consultancy services early on. Given that the traditional sources of competitive advantage are becoming obsolete, businesses need to have access to expert consultants early on to ensure they are able to create strong, lasting and sustainable value for its customers. Our purpose was then born to help transform and evolve your business by connecting passion, with possibility. Everyday our passionate teams are engaged by clients globally to help transform, and evolve their business.

Our Purpose

At KCE Global Consulting our purpose is to transform and evolve your business by connecting passion, with possibility.

Our Values

We have the courage to act

We take full responsibility for ourselves and our actions

We pride ourselves in delivering outstanding value and quality

We will act truthfully and honestly at all times

We will treat all those who work with us with respect, care, compassion and a sense of belonging

Why choose us.

We believe in a focused and differentiated offer to all our clients. Given that businesses need to be agile and continuously adapt in a complex world, our approach to our clients is characterised by the following:

Insights directed by data – our analysis is grounded by the data. We let the data speak.

Measurable impact – our solutions are realistic and pragmatic. We follow you through the journey of success.

Director involvement – our senior management team are actively engaged from the beginning ensuring you benefit from the experience.

Expertise awareness – we actively seek experts when needed. Our focus is on the client needs at all times.

Flexible engagement models – we support you the best way possible whether that is through a high impact team, individual coaching or personal advice. We are an agile company.

A truly synergistic relationship – we work with you all the way and keep you informed. Our commitment to you is a long-term one.

Alignment towards excellence – we stand by the statement “Excellence in everything we do”